Creality3D Printers Comparison

The Ender Series

Ender 3 V2

We strongly recommended Ender 3 V2 as it is the most affordable ENTRY LEVEL 3D Printer with excellent print quality and print size that's enough for models and small parts.

Ender 5 Plus

If you are looking for LARGER build volume (350x350x400mm) then Ender 5 Plus is one of your choice, it come with a Cube Frame for Stability & Good print quality. It also originally come with BLTouch for Auto Leveling Features, and easily enclosed to allow for easy ABS Prints.

Ender 6

Ender 6 give you upgrade LARGE print size to 250x250x400mm from Ender 5 Pro (220x220x300m). It also originally come with ENCLOSURE and Stable CoreXY Mechanical Architecture which allow up to 150mm/s Fast Printing Speed with High Quality Build. Easy operate with 4.3" HD Touch Screen and Ultra Silent Printing Experience (Germany Ultra Silent Motion Controller Chip). Carborundum Glass Platform make it easy to remove prints afterwards.

Ender Series

Ender 3 V2

Ender 5 Plus

Ender 6

Print Size 220x220x250mm 350x350x400mm 250x250x400mm
Print Speed 40-180mm/s 80mm/s 150mm/s
Auto Leveling (BL Touch) NO YES (BLTouch) NO
Touch Screen NO YES YES
Print Precision ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Print Axis Type Cartesian Cartesian Cartesian (CoreXY)
Material Supported PLA/TPU/PETG PLA/ABS/Soft Glue/Wooden/Copper Containing Materials/Gradient PLA/TPU/Wood/Carbon Fiber
Selling Point - Budget Price
- Ultra Silent Printing
- Ultra Large Print Size
- Auto Bed Leveling Pre-Installed
- Cube Frame Designed
- Fast Print Speed
- Large Print Size
- Ultra Silent Printing
- With 4 Side Plates
Machine Size 475x470x620mm 632x666x619mm 495x495x650mm
Product Weight 7.8kg 18.2kg 22kg
Package Size 570x380x205mm 730x740x310mm 620x545x400mm


The CR Series



Easy to use 3D Printer for Beginner with High Performance and Enjoyment, CR-6 SE is an upgrades from Ender 3 with easy operate features, provide Ultra Silent and High Precision Printing Experience with only 5 Minutes to heat up and start printing. Full Metal Body Stylish Design Structure gives stability and durability yet easy to essemble and maintain. It also come with Auto Bed Leveling with HD Touch Screen and weight only 9.5kg for easy carry. 

CR-10s Pro V2

CR-10s Pro V2 is highly recommended 3D Printer from current users, it come with Fully Automatic Bed Leveling with BLTouch Pre-Installed, features a Ultra Mute Driver which makes machine quieter than others. With imported High-Temperature Resistant Teflon Tube it reduce any excess wiggle room and prevent the filament from buckling inside the tube. It is a great choice for large format 3D printer works out of the box that doesn't need upgrade. 


Share most of the same features as CR-6 SE, the key difference of course is the build volume which CR-6 MAX come with 400x400x400mm print size. It also come with Innovative Leveling System by using force-based sensor and 4.3" Color Touch Screen. Carborundum Glass Build Plate will be available with this model for easy print remove, and more precise and quiet printing by adding TMC2209 Motor Drivers. 

CR Series


CR-10s Pro V2

CR-6 Max

Print Size 235x235x250mm 300x300x400mm 400x400x400mm
Print Speed 80-100mm/s 30-180mm/s 80-100mm/s
Auto Leveling (BL Touch) YES (Smart Leveling) YES (BLTouch) YES (Smart Leveling)
Touch Screen YES YES YES
Print Precision ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Print Axis Type Cartesian Cartesian Cartesian
Material Supported PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS/WOOD PLA/ABS/TPU/Wood/Copper Containing Materials/Gradient PLA/TPU/PETG/Wood
Selling Point - Light Weight
- Easy Carry
- Smart Auto Leveling
- Digital HD Touch Screen
- Auto Bed Leveling Pre-Installed
- Imported Teflon Tube
- Double Gear Extrusion
- HD Color Touch Screen
- Super Large Print Size
- Smart Auto Leveling
- Ultra Silent Printing
Machine Size 442x462x540mm 490x650x650mm 725x640x691mm
Product Weight 9.5kg 17kg 16.5kg
Package Size 525x495x270mm 645x530x335mm 820x685x290mm


The LD Series



LD-002H is upgraded version from LD-002R with LARGER print size (130x82x160mm) and 2K Monochrome LCD Screen. It come with Actived Carbon Filter help remove stenches of exposed resin from the air and 3.5" Touch Screen with a user-friendly interface, with ChiTuBox Slicing Software lets you rotate, edit, or one-click print your model. 


8.9" 4K Mono Screen allow user to make sizable prints up to 192x120x250mm build volume. Also top out a maximum speed of 60mm/h for printing and come with 4.3" Full Color Touch Screen for user-friendly interface. It also features Actived Carbon Filter Air Purify System and stable Z-axis to support quality print.

Resin Series

LD 002R

LD 002H

LD 006

Print Size 119x65x160mm 130x82x160mm 192x120x250mm
Print Speed 20-30mm/h 1-4s/layer 60mm/h (1-4s/layer)
Molding Tech LCD 2K LCD 2K Monochrome LCD 4K Monochrome
Resolution 1440x2560px 1620x2560px 3840x2400px
Print Precision 0.01-0.05mm 0.03-0.05mm 0.05mm
Touch Screen YES YES YES
Selling Point - Ultra HD 2K LCD Screen
- Safe Air Purify System
- Anti-Aliasing Effect
- Larger Print Size
- Faster Print Speed
- Advanced Light Source
- 2K Monochrome LCD HD Screen
- Active Carbon Air Purify System
- Largest Print Size
- Rapid Print Speed
- Directional Matrix Light Source
- Active Carbon Air Purify System
Machine Size 221x221x403mm 221x221x403mm 325x290x500mm
Product Weight 7kg 8.3kg 13.5kg
Package Size 295x295x545mm 295x295x545mm 400x400x600mm