Beitian GPS module with Built-in

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Product Description:

Beitian NEO-M8N GPS Module with Built-in HMC5883L Compass Protective Case for Ublox PX4 PIX APM2.5/2.6 Pixhawk

Product description

Power Supply:DC Voltage 2.8V~6.0V 
Power Consumption: 50mA@5V 
Support for GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,BeiDou,QZSS and SBAS 
72 Searching Channel 
Receiving Sensitivity:Trace -167dBm, Capture-148dBm 
Positioning Time:Cold Start:avg26s, Warm Start:avg25s, Hot Start:avg3s 
positioning accuracy:2m At Open Wind 
Output Frequency:1Hz-10Hz,Default 1Hz 
Speed accuracy:0.1 m/s (Without Aid) 
Acceleration accuracy:0.1 m/s (Without Aid) 
Dynamic Characteristics:Max Height:18000m, Max Speed:515m/s, Max Acceleration:4G 
UART Interface:UART Port:TXDA and RXDA 
Support Rate:4800bps to 115200bps,Default 9600dps 
Working Temperature:-40℃-+85℃ 
Storage Temperature:-40℃-+85℃ 
6pins 1.25mm port 

GPS Connector Definition: 
Connector 1: 
TX,data output 
RX,data intput 

Connector 2: 
Compass SCL clock pin 
Compass SDA clock pin 

Package Included: 
1xGPS Module with Built-in IC HMC5883L compass 

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