Eachine TX05 Switchable w/ OSD AIO FPV Camera

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Product Description:

Eachine TX05 AIO Micro FPV Camera 

Power Level Instruction:

1) 0.01Mw: LED display "1" and blink twice.
2)    5Mw: LED display "2" and blink twice.
3)   25Mw: LED display "3" and blink twice.
4)   50Mw: LED display "4" and blink twice.
5)  100Mw: LED display "5" and blink twice.
6)  250Mw: LED display "6" and blink twice.

Operation Instruction:
1. On the LED display the Letter means BAND, digits means CHs. Digits blink twice quickly means POWER Level.
2. The default power is 0.01Mw. Setting will restore the last band, channel and power level if no opretation act within 5 second.
3. Short press the button to change CH from 1 to 8.
4. Long press the button (about 2s) when letter blink, then short press to change BAND from A to H.
5. Long press the button (about 4s) when digit blink twice quickly, then short press the button to change POWER Level from 1 to 6.

- AIO FPV camera, transmitter , atnenna, OSD 4 in one function limit size and weight.
- Output power 0.01mw/5mw/25mw/25mw/50mw/100mw/250mw, 6 level one key to Switchable.
- OSD enabled,support video in and video out.
- Anticollision EVA case.
- 9 bands 72 channels with Raceband.
- Power failure memory, remember the frequency channel after powering off.
- 120 ° FOV horizontal viewing angle of 150 ° DFOV diagonal perspective.
- 5.8G  Brass antenna to Antirust and get strong signal.
- Plug and play, designed for DIY.

Package Included:
1 x Eachine TX05 Camera
1 x Foam Protection Cover
1 x User Manual