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Product Description:

The Furious FPV Smart Power Case V2 brings new features to the popular FPV goggles battery case, notably an added voltage regulator that keeps the output voltage at a constant 8V even when the internal cells are 2.5V, preventing the annoying low voltage alarm from some FPV goggles.


  • Constant 8V Output, even when each cell is at 2.5V
  • Smart ON/OFF Power Button
  • OLED Display with Callsign, Time Warning, Current, Voltage, Used Capacity & Temperature
  • Battery Charge Percentage Display
  • Configurable Low Voltage/Overload Warning Buzzer
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Auto Power Off to Protect Cells from Over-Discharge Damage
  • Rapidly Attach/Detach Modules with Magnetic System
  • Quick Release System for Dock-King & Tripod
  • Ability to Directly Charge the Batteries Inside the Case via Balance Jack (Included Adapter for XT60 Type Chargers)
  • Easy Open/Close Battery Door
  • Easy & Rapid Battery Swap
  • Designed for 18650 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Fits Perfectly on FatShark Battery Strap
  • Design to Work with All Type of Goggles