Gemfan 1635-3 40mm 3 Blade (1.0mm shaft) (8Pcs) Durable Tiny Whoop Props

  • $7.95

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Product Description:

Package includes:4L + 4R 40mm Whoop prop with 1.0mm shaft hub



Type 1219 1220 1635 1636 2036
Blades 3blades 4blades 3blades 4blades 4blades
Pitch 2in 2in 3.5in 3.5in 3.6in
Material PC PC PC PC PC
Weight/G 0.28g 0.31g 0.54g 0.61g 0.84g
Hub Id diameter 0.8mm/1mm 0.8mm/1mm 1.5mm/1mm 1.5mm/1mm 3holes
Prop disk diameter 31mm 31mm 40.8mm 40.8mm 52mm
Center thickness 5mm 5mm 5.2mm 5.2mm 5mm
Max prop width 5.71mm 5.71mm 7.46mm 7.46mm 7.73mm
Adaptive motor 0703-1103 0703-1103 1103-1105 1103-1105 1105-1108
Recommended motor Coreless Motor/0703 Coreless Motor/0703 1103 1103 1106