ProsKit 9S001 1mm 3m Tin Soldering Wire

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Product Description:

Solder Wire 1mm/3m - 17g,  63% Tin Content

A good solder is VERY important for the success of your quad!

Do you feel your solder hard to melt or just partially melt when heating it up, or even something around on the PCB started boiling but your solder was still there solid like rock? Or your solder joint look dirty and unsmooth?

Unfortunately you got a bad solder! Don't let it make your work hard and likely to destroy your electronic parts or just leaves cold solder there.

This solder wire is made for PCB with very high quality. It purity and high quality flux helps you melt your solder joint as a whole in seconds and flow like water with lower solder tip temperature.

Solder itself is more important than solder iron or tip (tip is important too but without a good solder wire nothing will work). Below is a photo of the results coating of two solder wires with the same solder iron and tip.