Frsky 150mm 2.4G IPEX4 Receiver Antenna

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Product Description:

Frsky 150mm 2.4G Receiver Antenna IPEX4 Micro Connector for X4R X4RSB XM XM+



These antennas come with micro IPEX4 connector fits latest frsky receiver like x4r-sb But not for other receivers with normal IPEX(bigger) like Flysky X6B. See photo below.

Item:2.4G receiver Antenna
Frequency: 2400 ~ 2500 MHz
S.W.R. : less than 2.0
Antenna Gain: 2.0
Polarisation: Linear
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Cable Type: RG-113
Connector Type: IPEX4 (Micro)
Connector Pull Test: more than Kg
Operation Temperature: - 40 to + 65 Degree Celsius
Storage Temperature: - 40 to + 80 Degree Celsius
Color: White
Compatibility: Frsky X4R-SB
Wire Part Length: 120MM
Antenna Length: 150MM
Package Weight: 8g

- For X4R-SB IPEX4 interfaces such as the use of 2.4G receiver antenna, high-quality gold-plated head.
- Wire part of the length of 120MM, 30MM transparent part of the long line of total length of 150MM remote distance stable and normal.

Package Included:
1 x 2.4G receiver Antenna

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