AXISFLYING THOR TX PRO ExpressLRS 2.4G ELRS Micro Module 10-1000mW

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Product Description:

AXISFLYING THOR TX PRO ExpressLRS 2.4G ELRS Micro Module 10-1000mW


  • Brand Name: Axisflying
  • Item Name: ELRS TX Module
  • Model: Thors TX Pro
  • Size: 87*55*15 MM
  • Weight(include jr): 105g
  • Package Weight: 234g
  • TX Power: 10mW, 25mW, 100mW, 250mW, 500mW, 1000mW


  • Special Structure Design
  • CNC aluminum case for heat dissipation
  • Quick release mechanism 
  • Storage box 
  • Inbuild over-voltage protection system 
  • High-brightness LCD screen and five way tactile switch

Compatible with Radio:

  • Supprort crsf radios' with JR warehouse (some without JR) 
  • Support Futabas radios  (we can provide connector pin wire)

Why axisflying Elrs module is V2.1 edition?

After 5 months of close collaboration with the ExpressLRS development team, 4 hardware prototypes, and numerous software revisions… Axisflying would like to present their ExpressLRS offering Thors.


Thors introduces several new features to ExpressLRS users:

  • A beautiful full colour display
  • Fully functional 5 way joystick
  • Temperature sensor and automatic fan control
  • Accelerometer to detect motion for automatic display control and idle power cut-off.

Along with all the features user would expect to find in premium ExpressLRS hardware:

  • 10 to 1000 mW output
  • 50 to 500 Hz packet rate
  • Built in Backpack for VRx module and wireless accessory control.
  • XT30 for an external battery
  • USB-C
  • External signal port support for handsets without a JR bay

Special function:

  • The LCD screen is connected to a motion sensor, so when the screen is facing downwards (usually during flight), the screen will automatically turn off to save battery. 
  • Axisflying Thors will automatically save any changed settings, even between power cycles. 
  • To assist in battery conservation, if the module is not in use for over 120 seconds, it will enter a low power rest mode. The module will return to full power when a receiver is detected.
  • When the internal fan detects the temperature reaching over 50 degrees, it will turn on automatically to ensure that the TX has reliable power output, minimising RF fluctuations.

Package Include:

  • 1x ELRS TX Module
  • 1x TX Antenna