iFlight iF8 FPV Remote Controller CC2500

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Product Description:

iFlight iF8 FPV Remote Controller CC2500


We're happy to announce our own radio release! Easy to use, compact size, various protocols supported, legal protocol use in various regions and high power for maximum range! This versatile transmitter can be used by beginners or professionals leaving a small footprint in every bag! 

OpenTX inside 

We're using a special edition OpenTX version to power our radio. For customization and further model setup, we'll be releasing an additional screen as well. 

FCC and LBT region selection

You're living in a FCC (America) or LBT (European) regulated area and make sure you're not violating your local radio transmission standards? Just follow our provided instructions and select either protocol before binding the receiver. 

Compact Design but maximum Usability 

Light weight and small footprint for easy storage in your bag. Easy battery charging through an internal charging circuit. Battery lasts ~4 hours until you need to refuel, which can be easily done through any Powerbank or standard USB charger. 


Size: 160*130*45mm

Weight: 233g

Frequency: 2.400GHZ-2.480GHZ

RF Module: Multi-Protocol Module Compatible (CC2500)

Protocol Options: D8 / D16 v1 FCC / D16 v1 LBT / D16 v2 FCC / D16 v2 LBT (No Frsky ACCESS support) 

Max. Tansmission Power: 20dB

Antenna gain: 2dBi

Range: 1~2km @ 20dB (depending on noise floor and RX)

Battery: Built in 3.7V 1000mAh Lithium battery

Charging: Built in USB-C charging

Firmware: OpenTX iF8 Edition (Special iF8 Edition)

Multiprotocol-TX-Module(Stick input protocol selection)

Channels: Up to 8 channels (depending on the model / receiver)



- All D8 and D16 compatible receivers! 

- Frsky ACCST protocol (no ACCESS protocol supported) 

- iF8 D8RX Receiver (LINK)

- iF16 Receiver 

Package includes:

- iFlight iF8 FPV remote controller × 1