Infinity 4S 1550 mAh V3 120C-240C Square Graphene LiPo Battery

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Product Description:

Infinity 4S 1550mAh V3 Square 120C-240C 14.8V Graphene LiPo Battery

The 120C - 240C 4S battery is the latest successor of popular 80-110C infinity graphene batteries. 

Brand name: infinity
Specification:1550mah V3 120C-240C 4S1P (Square)
Voltage: 14.8V
Size: 28*42*74(mm)
Weight: 181g
Output: 12AWG XT60

-Excellent battery quality. High reliability
-Has a longer cycle life than similar products, a higher discharge platform.
-Better resistance to shares rose capacity

Note: aircraft battery is a professional product, the battery without internal protection circuit, charge and discharge must be strictly in accordance with the standard use,You must use professional charger, and must have someone to look at it.

Package included:
1* Infinity 1550mah (Square) 120C-240C 4S1P battery

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