SPEEDYBEE Stack F7 Mini Flight Controller + 35A 3-6S 8bit ESC DJI 20x20mm

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Product Description:

SPEEDYBEE F7 Mini Flight Controller + 35A 3-6S 8bit ESC DJI Stack 20x20mm


BLHeli32.9 has been officially released. If you are using a SpeedyBee V2/V21 ESC, please update to 32.9 to use the bidirectional DSHOT function. We've tested the firmware and it is safe to send it. Download the latest BLHeli32Suite from here:


Then update the firmware to Rev32.9


Get SpeedyBee VTx from this link: SPEEDYBEE TX800 VTx


  1. Highlights of 35A Flying Tower: support Bluetooth tuning for flight controllers and ESCs; ESCs support wireless flashing of BLHeli_S or BlueJay firmware;
  2. 3.5mm aperture, supports M2&M3 two installation apertures; ESC real standard parameters, continuous 35A.
  3. The first mini fly tower without a computer for tuning Wireless full-function flight control assistant Wireless full-function BLHeli_S ESC assistant, high-performance F7 flight control CPU,
  4. True 35A BLHeli_S DSHOT600 ESC, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 BLE chip
  5. Support DJI digital image transmission, the flight controller has two independent 9V 2A BEC and 5V 2A BEC, supports various analog image transmission above 5V, and also supports DJI airunit RunCam link and VISTA


  • Brand: SpeedyBee
  • Item Name: F7 Mini FC +35A BLHeli_S  ESC

SpeedyBee F7 Mini FC

  • MCU: STM32F722
  • IMU(Gyro): MPU6000
  • USB Port Type: Type-C
  • Barometer: N/A
  • OSD Chip: AT7456E chip
  • BLE Bluetooth: Supported. Used for Flight Controller configuration
  • Flash FC Firmware Wirelessly: Not supported. Please update firmware for this FC on the PC
  • Download/Analyze Blackbox: Not supported. Please download and analyze Blackbox data on the PC
  • DJI Air Unit Soldering Pads: Supported
  • Flash(for BlackBox): 8MB
  • Current Sensor: Supported, Scale=250 Offset=-500
  • BetaFlight Camera Control Pad: Yes(CC pad)
  • Power Input: 3S - 6S Lipo
  • 5V Output: 6 groups of 5V output, five +5V pads and 1 BZ+ pad( used for Buzzer). The total current load is 2.5A.
  • 9V Output: 2 groups of 9V output, the total current load is 2A.
  • 3.3V Output: Supported. Up to 500mA current load.
  • ESC Signal Pads:M1 - M4
  • UART: Full UART * 3(UART1, UART2, UART3)
  • ESC Telemetry UART: R4(UART4)
  • I2C: Not supported
  • LED Pad: Used for WS2812 LED
  • Buzzer: BZ+ and BZ- pad used for 5V Buzzer
  • BOOT Button: Used to enter DFU mode
  • RSSI Input: Not supported
  • SmartPort: Use any TX pad of UART for the SmartPort feature.
  • Supported Flight Controller Firmware: BetaFlight(Default), EMUFlight, INAV
  • Firmware Target Name: SPEEDYBEEF7MINI
  • Mounting: 20 x 20mm,  3.5mm hole diameter
  • Dimension: 30 x 30 x 7.5mm
  • Weight: 5.7g

35A BLHeli_S Mini 4-in-1 ESC 

  • Firmware: BLHeli_S JH40
  • Continuous Current: 35A * 4
  • Burst Current: 45A(5S)
  • ESC Protocol: DSHOT300/600
  • Power Input: 3-6S LiPo
  • Power Output: VBAT
  • Current Sensor: Support (Scale=250 Offset=-500)
  • Mounting: 20 x 20mm, 3.6mm hole diameter
  • Dimension: 35*35*5.5mm
  • Weight: 7g

Package Included:

  • 1x SpeedyBee F7 Mini Flight Controller
  • 1x SpeedyBe 35A BLHeli_S Mini 4-in-1 ESC 


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