Sequre TS100 Soldering Iron Bag

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Product Description:

Sequre TS100 Soldering Iron Bag


Durable, fashionable and generous, the storage of mini tools is good.

This small storage bag is made of EVA with double zipper closure. It can store 1 Sq-001 electric soldering iron, 2 welding nozzles, 1 4S battery and power cord tightly. It can also be used as a small tool bag for storing screwdrivers, batteries, soldering iron or other small accessories. 

Product size (L * W * H): 175mm * 70mm * 50mm / 6.89in*2.76in*1.97in   

weight: about 77g

Note: the package only includes the storage bag, excluding the electric soldering iron, screwdriver and accessories shown in the following pictures! 


Package includes:

  • 1x Mini storage bag